Introduction to Supervision & Team Leadership Course

Who is it for

The course is designed for supervisors and team leaders. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to improve their skills in this area with confidence, credibility and an awareness of their management style, no matter their level of experience.

What is it about

You will learn how to motivate and develop your team to continuously improve their performance. You’ll also develop your skills and confidence to deal decisively with difficult situations. Explanations of current management theory and practice will be combined with practical exercises to give you confidence in your management style. You’ll leave equipped with the skills to tackle the team leader role head on.

Course Overview

Stage 1 – The course
The modern supervisor

  • The skills of an effective team leader
  • Understand the supervisor’s position within the organisation
  • The responsibility and authority of a supervisor
  • The five key areas of team supervision: lead; communicate; organise; plan; control

Effective team leadership

  • Meet the expectations of your team
  • Leadership style and roles
  • Learn the GRIPS model of team leadership
  • Set SMART goals and objectives
  • Appreciate the three key components of goal setting: task, team and individual

Develop your management style

  • Learn different management styles for different situations
  • Pinpoint your own management style and evaluate for effectiveness
  • Time management – time bandits and prioritisation
  • Delegation: structure, pros and cons, do’s and don’ts

Motivating and developing others

  • Giving feedback, conduct and capability issues
  • Setting performance standards
  • Practical exercises with professional actors
  • Difficult situations: assertive responses
  • Team roles
  • Theories of motivation

Stage 2 – MP3 Learning bites
1) Inspiring your team
2) Getting the best
3) Delivering results

Stage 3 – e-learning
After you have attended the course, a modular e-learning programme will be delivered to your inbox. These interactive, bite-sized follow-ups can be completed in your own time, and will cement the learning from the course with further practical excercises related to supervising your team.

What will I get out of it?

  • An insight into the role and responsibilities of a supervisor
  • Models for effective leadership and the skills to apply them
  • Techniques to get the best from other people
  • Management approaches for difficult people and difficult situations
  • An understanding of the best way to delegate
  • Time management and ways to deal with time bandits
  • Appropriate communication styles for diverse people and situations
  • Skills to motivate others and lead your team to success
  • A blended learning experience allowing you to continue to develop skills in the workplace
  • Recommended reading list

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